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WALKING is defined as moving with one foot always in contact with the ground. The pace may vary but one foot must always be in contact with the ground.

FIELD OF PLAY - Recommendations for 5 and 6 players each side.

Length: Maximum 30m/90ft
Width: Maximum 21m/70ft

BALL SIZE - Size 5

OFFSIDES - There are no offsides

FLEXI SUBS - Wait for a break in play on the referee’s whistle or when the ball is in possession of the goalkeeper. Make the referee aware of intent when the ball is dead or safe in the goalkeeper’s possession.

NO RUNNING or JOGGING ON OR OFF THE BALL BY ANY PLAYER, TO INCLUDE THE GOALKEEPER - A free kick 3 meters outside of the penalty area closest to the point where the infringement occurred is awarded to the opposition. If the goalkeeper runs across to make a save on a goal-bound effort, or denies a clear goal scoring opportunity by their action, a penalty is awarded to the opposition, this will include running across to make a blocking save anywhere in the penalty area. 

RUNNING INFLUENCING PLAY - Any player running into a position linking up with play, receiving a pass, affecting play directly or pulling away defensive players by a run, intercepting the ball, moving to the ball, running onto the ball in the process of shooting, shall for: 

  • 1st offence: free kick against
  •  2nd offence: free kick against and a warning
  •  3rd offence: 2-minute Sin Bin.

Should a Sin Bin returning player further infringe the walking rule, a free kick is awarded against that person and the totting up process again continues.

RUNNING OFF THE BALL NOT INFLUENCING PLAY - Any player running ‘off the ball’ but not gaining individual or team advantage, and not directly affecting play shall have a warning against them BUT play will continue. The 3rd occurrence by the same player will result in a 2-minute Sin Bin, allowing play to continue and the sanction administered when there is a break in play, or the goalkeeper has possession.

MINIMAL CONTACT TACKLING ONLY - No heel, ankle rapping from side or behind. Any heavy/aggressive, reckless or dangerous tackling will result in an automatic 2-minute Sin Bin. Any further incident during the match from the Sin Binned player on their return from the time sanction will result in a Red Card sending off. That player plays no further part in that match

NO SHOULDER CHARGES PERMITTED - If contact is minimal or accidental, a free kick will be given to the opponent of anyone considered to have shoulder charged/barged. A player guilty of shoulder charging/barging in an excessive, aggressive, reckless manner will be Sin Binned. A player shoulder charging or barging an opponent into a barrier or wall shall be Red Carded and play no further part in the match

NO BUNDLING INTO BARRIERS - A player guilty of bundling a player into a barrier will be Red-Carded.

HEAVY TACKLES - on the barrier result in a 2-minute Sin Bin time out.

CROWDING’ AT THE BARRIER - (2 players tackling one player in very close proximity (Health & Safety)) results in a free kick to the single player

A player ‘Cornered’ (on a pitch with barriers) with no place to go or turn in the immediate presence of an attacking opponent will have a free kick awarded to them if that ‘cornered’ player is not allowed to turn out of the corner proper and safely before they are tackled.

PLAYERS 'CORNERED' OR ‘BOXED IN’ ON PITCHES WITH BARRIERS MUST BE GIVEN TURNING SPACE & NOT TACKLED IN THE PROCESS (Health & Safety:) - Anyone tackled from behind whilst confined in the corner, not  given safe turning space of at least 1 meter, shall be awarded a free kick to be taken where the player should have been allowed to have turned safely.

OBSTRUCTION - Players may not physically step across an opponent to block them from attempting to get to the ball, or gain an advantage by such and act. This is regarded as OBSTRUCTION and a free kick is given to the opposition.

NO SLIDE TACKLES OR SLIDE BLOCKS - A slide tackle occurrence is a Blue Card 2-minute Sin Bin. The slide block is deemed a lesser offence and carries a free kick against sanction


CORNERS WILL BE KICK-INS - Corner kicks are indirect free kicks. The balls must contact one other player of either team before entering the goal. That player may be the goalkeeper.

PLAYERS MAY NOT HOLD ONTO WALLS OR BARRIERS WHEN HOLDING OR SHIELDING THE BALL - But only hold to correct balance, or as a measure to stop potential accident or incident is permissible. Free kick awarded against any player unnecessarily holding.

NO ENTRY INTO PENALTY AREA BY ANY OUTFIELD PLAYER - the exception being by momentum & no advantage gained.

Should a defender have inadvertently stepped into the area, but play, or the outcome of play has not been affected, play carries on.

If the defender has stepped into the penalty area in the process of blocking a shot, shielding the ball, shepherding the ball back to the goalkeeper, playing the ball from within the penalty area, a penalty kick shall be awarded against the defender.

If a defender steps into the penalty area to cut across the space, or denies a clear goal scoring opportunity a penalty shall also be awarded against that player.

Should an attacking player step into the penalty area by momentum after a shot from outside the area which results in a goal, the goal shall stand, otherwise for any other occasion where the attacker has stepped into the penalty area, a free kick is awarded to the goalkeeper to be taken where the infringement occurred.

The penalty area line also extends in a vertical plane. Should a ball be in the air and inside the penalty area and an outfield player plays the ball whilst it is in the air, the appropriate sanction shall apply - namely free kick to the goalkeeper if by an attacker, penalty if by a defender.

A player pushed into the penalty area will have a free kick awarded in their favour.

NO GOALKEEPER EGRESS FROM PENALTY AREA - Except by momentum, or if sliding forward whilst making a save and the ball and goalkeeper’s upper body have not left the penalty area.

The goalkeeper cannot slide forward in making a save and make contact with the ball outside of the penalty area. If the goalkeeper egresses from the penalty area - a penalty is awarded to the opposition. If a goalkeeper egresses from the penalty area to intercept a ball, halt a player's progress or deny a clear goal scoring opportunity, a penalty is awarded to the opposition and the goalkeeper is Sin Binned for 2 minutes.

Should the goalkeeper egress from the penalty area and makes a cynical/ aggressive/reckless challenge to deny a goal scoring opportunity, a penalty is awarded against the team of the goalkeeper, that player will receive a Red Card and play no further part in that game.

VIWS allows a Roving Goalkeeper should the teams not be even in number of players. Roving shall not be affected by a change in the number of players if a shortage is due to a player in the sin bin.

A BALL ON THE LINE OF THE PENALTY AREA IS CONSIDERED FAIR GAME - The penalty area plane rises up from the line.

The whole of the ball has be be over any line to be considered ‘out of play’ or inside/outside the penalty area.

TAKING PENALTIES - The player may start his/her kicking movement a maximum of one metre from behind the ball, and he/she be allowed unlimited walking steps in continuous movement towards the ball. The referee will indicate the one metre starting position.

ALL FREE KICKS ARE INDIRECT - A goal can be awarded if the ball deflects off an opposing player or the goalkeeper touches the ball on its way into the goal before a second touch by a player from the same team.

WHEN PLAY HAS BEEN STOPPED WITH A BLOW OF THE WHISTLE - Play can only resume with a blow of the whistle. There are no quick free kicks; and defenders must be in position at least 3 metres from the position of the ball. Only then will the referee blows the whistle to resume play.

TEAMS CANNOT SCORE DIRECTLY FROM THE KICK-OFF - The ball has to be played by another player before a goal can be scored. 

3 METER EXCLUSION ON PLAYERS ON ALL DEAD BALL SITUATIONS - Should a player not have retreated 3 meters from a dead ball situation, the referee will pace out 3 meters and assert where the player shall place themselves. If that player still has not retreated the referee will warn the player that should they not move immediately, that player will be Sin Binned. The referee shall Sin Bin any player that has not heeded the directive.

OFFENSIVE FREE KICKS NEAR PENALTY AREA LINE - Move ball back 3 meters to allow defence opportunity to position themselves between ball and goal. Play cannot resume until the defence has positioned themselves and the referee has resumed play by whistle (no quick play permitted).

BALL HEAD HEIGHT RESTRICTION – A BALL IS CONSIDERED DEAD IF IT HAS RISEN ABOVE HEAD HEIGHT - In the case of a rebound off the goalie in the act of making a save and the ball lands in the field of play, play is whistled dead and a goal kick is awarded. If the rebound goes over the goal line, a corner kick is awarded. If the rebound goes over the sideline a kick-in to the opposite team is awarded.

HEADING - Heading the ball is not allowed.

GOALKEEPERS MAY RECEIVE BACK PASSES - The ‘keeper’ can choose to throw the ball out with an under-arm throw, or can elect to kick it out into play. A goalkeeper can pick up the ball and then drop to kick. Throwing infringements or the ball above head height throws result in a free kick to the opponents 3 meters outside the area.

NO RESTRICTION ON TIME THE GOALKEEPER HAS TO PLAY THE BALL OUT OF THE AREA - But the Referee may warn the keeper of time wasting. Should the warning not be heeded, a free kick may be awarded 3 meters centrally outside the penalty area

NO RESTRICTION ON PASS BACKS / PASS OUTS BY THE DEFENCE & GOALKEEPER - But the Referee may warn the team in possession of the ball that they need to progress play forward (time wasting, undesirable sportsmanship.) Should the warning not be heeded, the Referee may award a free kick at the point where the warning was not heeded to the opposition for time wasting / poor sportsmanship. If the goalkeeper is penalized for time wasting, the ball is placed 3 meters outside the penalty area

GOALKEEPERS - Must wear a top that distinguishes them from the other players.

RULES ON SCORING GOALS - Goals can be scored from any outfield position.

Goalkeepers cannot score a goal.

A BALL CROSSING OUT OF THE FIELD OF PLAY WILL BE RETURNED TO THE TEAM NOT TOUCHING IT LAST BEFORE IT CROSSED OUT OF PLAY. PLAY WILL RESUME WITH A KICK- IN - Should the kick-in not enter the field of play, possession will be given to the other team at the same spot.

 A ‘SIN BIN’ 2-MINUTE TIME OUT IS IN EFFECT FOR PERSISTENT OR MORE SERIOUS OFFENCES - The referee’s decision is final and should be respected and carried out without delay.

A ZERO TOLERANCE OF DISSENT, ABUSE, ARGUMENTATIVE BEHAVIOUR, SWEARING, SARCASM TOWARDS THE REFEREE IS IN EFFECT - A player will be Sin Binned for such offences. Prolonged or extreme abuse to an official will result in a Red Card and that player plays no further part in that match.

SWEARING AND ABUSE - Any player swearing abusively at opponent players, team mates, officials, team staff or spectators will result in a Sin Bin penalty.

ANY THREE SAME OR THREE VARIETY OF INFRINGEMENTS RESULT IN A BLUE CARD SIN BIN 2-MINUTE TIME-OUT ON THE TOTTING UP PROCEDURE - A player returning from a Sin Bin time out will again precede on the totting up procedure should any further infringements occur.

A PLAYER SENT OFF ON A RED CARD FOR VIOLENT CONDUCT - one game suspension may apply; such situations will be decided at the sole discretion of the League Directors.

A PLAYER SENT OFF TAKING NO FURTHER PART IN THAT MATCH - A team may substitute the sent off player after a period of 5-minutes or a goal has been conceded, which ever occurs first.